The McMillen Group, LLC

Do you know for certain whether your networks are secure and reliable? Do you know for certain that you are meeting your regulatory requirements? If not, turn to someone who can give you the confidence and remove the uncertainty.

The McMillen Group (TMG) is a vendor-independent, information security consultancy that helps clients protect their information assets and network infrastructure by providing a wide range of assessment and training services. Our core services range the full spectrum of security management: network security architecture reviews, internal controls assessments, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and training.

TMG works closely with its clients to address the security concerns of each unique business without disrupting its ability to be productive. Our services are not performed in a cookie cutter manner, limited merely to identifying and recommending solutions such as patching existing security vulnerabilities. Rather, we are dedicated to helping our clients develop and maintain a holistic security infrastructure that can prevent or minimize the effect of future security incidents. Simply put, our business-centric focus will ensure that your computing environment is secure and productive.

The McMillen Group prides itself on our three core principles:

Client Service - Our client's needs come first. The McMillen Group always conducts itself with integrity. We work with each client to ensure that when the engagement is completed, our clients have a better understanding of the risk within their organization, which will help them make informed business decisions.

Independence - As an independent consultancy, The McMillen Group is not affiliated with any vendor or manufacturer of security hardware or software, nor do we profit in any way from our client's selection of vendors or contractors. Our sole objective is to help clients provide the maximum protection for their assets while obtaining the most value and benefit from their security resources. Our advice and recommendations are based solely on the unique needs of each individual client.

Confidentiality - Due to the sensitive nature of our work, TMG maintains the highest degree of confidentiality possible. All data collected, work papers, and reports to our clients are held in the strictest confidence possible, to the extent permitted by law.